I have wanted a yellow silk dress for as long as I can remember.  aunt jimsie in anne of the island calls her dream yellow silk dress ” a dress of sunshine.”

and oh. oh. oh.  I found it.  I found my yellow silk and chiffon dress.  this is it.  this is it.

I have never wanted to buy a dress more than I want to buy this one.  it’s so frivolous, it’s like taking a bite of divinity and feeling all that sugar melt in your mouth.  I just can’t stand it.  oh. oh. oh.  I want this dress.

I would light a candle just for putting on this dress, because cassandra and rose mortmain  say you must dress for candlelight by candlelight, and I would wear this dress on my back porch underneath a string of fairy lights while sipping champagne and eating cucumber sandwiches.  I would wear it with my cherry red shoes and I would wear it with a yellow rose behind my ear and I would go to church every day this summer just so I could wear this dress.  oh. oh. oh.  this dress.


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