last night I dreamed that my little family lived in a tiny yellow house on nantahala drive and I was sipping lemonade and gardening in my tiny front yard and talking to our neighbours and they were all hippies, all of them, they were artists and potters and folk dances and sometimes they throw block parties that we attend with the babies, and I was wearing the yellow silk dress of my dreams.

I could walk to a park with a small creek and I could walk to a small library and on weekends my little family could walk to the farmer’s market and a small mexican restaurant and I could walk to the ballet studio two blocks away for dance classes and yoga.  I work from home as a children’s writer and illustrator and my babies run half naked through sprinklers in the front yard in the summer and we all go dancing to bluegrass music at least once a motnh.

you know, sometimes I strongly suspect that I am actually a city person at heart.  or maybe I’ve just been watching too much sesame street with my little sunshine girl.


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