my little sunshine girl is getting to be such a big girl.  it seems like every time I look at her, I’m marveling at something new about her: turning somersaults, saying MINE and MORE and NOW, MAMA.  nipping all the way to the top of the cat tower in the one second I’m not looking at her. it seems like I’m always noticing her big girl legs that have lost all their rolls or the way her longer hair, worn back in a ponytail, makes her look so much older.  and I forget how that she’s still a baby.

and I peeked at her asleep in her crib a few mornings ago, and there was my baby.  she still has fat baby cheeks and those cheeks are so, so soft, it’s like touching velvet.  she still carries around her favorite stuffed caterpillar, my little baby.  she still walks out of her room with blankets draped around her shoulders and head.  she’s still my little baby, under all her new big-girlness.  my baby’s still there.


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