flannel footie pajamas.

I can’t get enough of those flannel footie pajamas.  last year around this time, my baby lived in them.  all day every day. I took her everywhere in her flannel footie pajamas.

now my baby is big girl with big opinions and she does NOT care for her flannel footie pajamas.  she does NOT like having her feet encased in fabric.  every morning when she wakes up she will wander around the house lifting her feet up high like a prancing show pony and complaining with every step.

but!! she!! is!! so!! cute!!

I can’t get enough of her in flannel footie pajamas.  so she has flannel pajamas with penguins and foxes and rainbows and unicorns and dinosaurs on them.

I read a quotation once, it said that if you look at what you take photographs of, you will know what you are afraid of forgetting.  so I take hundreds of pictures of my little daughter in her flannel footie pjs so I won’t forget how soft and snuggly and warm she was when she was a little snuggly girl.







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