baby toes.

sometimes it really hits me that there is a tiny little person growing and growing in my belly.  a tiny person with eyes and teeny tiny fingers and kissable cheeks and



baby toes!!!!!!

it almost makes me swoon to think of those tiny little feet.

there is just something about baby feet and baby toes that is so delicious.  and in just a few more months, those tiny tiny delicious feet are going to be HERE and I can nibble on them all day.  all day!!

when my daughter was born, I couldn’t stop marveling over her tiny, tiny feet.  I’d seen them on every ultrasound, stared at them for hours on the printouts and then they were here, real live baby feet for me to smooch.  I’d gotten so many pairs of adorable little baby girl shoes and I couldn’t bear to put any of them on those tiny feet, I had to have them bare and ready for kissing at a moment’s notice.

there is just something about baby feet.  and I’m getting a brand new pair attached to another altogether nommable baby just for smooching on.  I really think I must be the luckiest person in the world.  I really do.



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