twenty-seven weeks.

twenty-seven weeks in, and I am starting to really feel being pregnant.  my back hurts,  my belly button is almost gone.  my legs twitch and cramp every night and there’s no getting comfortable,  anywhere,  at any time. I just want to sleep, and sleep, and sleep.  I don’t want to eat anything, and if I did there wouldn’t be any room for it.  yikes!!

what I’m doing to prepare for labor:

  • using a birthing ball. I didnt have one for my last pregnancy, but now I couldn’t do without it.  I do hip circles and bounce when he’s gotten in an uncomfortable position, and it always seems to help him adjust. I lean against it and roll to the sides to stretch out my back.  I brace it against the wall and practice squatting. 
  • reading ina may gaskin’s guide to childbirth and marie mongan’s hypnobirth – both have excellent tips for labor.
  • listening to hypnobirth and hypnobabies cds, practicing breathing methods and relaxation. I have a play list on YouTube so all my tracks are at my fingertips. it has been so nice to just take thirty minutes every day just to think about nothing but the little fellow. I never thought I’d love the mantras and affirmations, but they have been so wonderful to listen to.
  • reading about essential oils during labor. another thing I’d never thought I’d be interested in, and I’m going to keep it simple, but the thought of warm washcloths dipped in lavender to soothe aches and cool clothes with peppermint oil for when it gets hot and sweaty sounds super nice.

 I was so scared through my first labor and I felt so wildly unprepared, so this time my plan for childbirth can be summed up in one word: joy. I want to deliver this baby laughing and smiling. no fear.  just joy. so I have been staying away from the scary birth stories I was addicted to during my daughter’s pregnancy, stories of premature births and complications.  I’m just thinking of how wonderful it will be to finally meet this little guy.  just joy.  maybe it’s a little silly -but it makes me happy.


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