pink tulips.

my grandmother made all kinds of beautiful things.  clothes and dolls and quilts.  once she sewed me a beautiful dress,  pink with tiny tulips all over, that I wore with a tiny white hat and lacy socks on Easter.

I loved that dress so much. when I outgrew it, I started using it as a dress-up outfit for the giant bunny doll named Rosie that my grandmother made for me. 

the pink tulip dress is old and a little threadbare now. but I still love it. and ever since I learned I was going to be the mother of a little girl, I had a dream of finding her a pink tulip dress to wear on Easter, too.  

I have been looking everywhere for a pink dress with tulips for a little eighteen-month-old girl and I finally found one! the first dress in the picture is the dress my grandmother made.  the second dress is the pink tulip dress my little girl gets to wear this Easter.  

my grandmother threw a spectacular Easter party every year, with cake walks and egg tosses and egg hunts.  Easter is always the time when I miss her so much.  I keep pulling out the little girl’s pink tulip dress and smiling over it.  it makes me remember.


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