sunshine girl stories.

every morning, she climbs in my lap to have a sip of my hot tea.  she says, hot, mama, hot, and blows into my cup so carefully.  she picks up my mug with both hands and never spills a drop.  After she takes a a sip, she says, ahhhhh! and closes her eyes.

she started a new kind of peekaboo game with me, one that happens every morning when I’m wearing my turquoise fluffy floor – length robe.  she lifts up the hem of my robe and settles down between my feet and pulls my robe around her so she’s hidden, and she laughs and laughs as I call her name and say oh, oh, where is my baby?

she has two little bunnies who have become Very Important.  there is little gray bunny and hoppity bunny. she is all about bunny everything.  when we go to the library she brings me book after book with a bunny on the cover and says hop, hop, hop! 

I found a box of my old troll dolls from childhood and she is in love with them.  she has green troll, pink troll, and rainbow troll, and their three babies with yellow and blue and purple hair. the first thing she does every morning is run to find her trolls. she makes them dance on tables and chairs and windowsills and she makes them talk to each other and kiss.

her newest word is Home.  when we are out and getting back in the car, she will say, Home, home?  she knows that the Chinese cat that stays on the coffee mug shelf does not come down because that spot is its home. 

when we go outside, she runs over to my raised beds and picks up handfuls of dirt.  she takes her dirt and walks around and distributes it thoughtfully. she leaves a little here and a little there. then she goes back for more handfuls of dirt.


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