diaper change.

the little girl comes streaking past me into the kitchen.

her dad comes running after her.

“she threw a cracker at my head and ran away,” he says.

she runs into the kitchen and grabs her stuffed cat off the floor.

“kitty can’t protect you from a diaper change,” her dad says. he picks her up and carries her away.  she grabs at my sleeve as they pass by.



2 thoughts on “diaper change.

  1. I do not and have never wanted children, but your posts about your kids are always so sweet, heartwarming, and beautiful. They make me so indescribably happy for you and your family. There are people in this world who are not meant to have kids, and there are people in this world who are, without question, meant to have them. You are providing such a wonderful life for your kids, and it is obvious that you are such an amazing, loving mother. I’m so glad you have this in your life, lovely. I’m so happy you have them, and they have you. 💙


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