baby debris.

I remember how I used to go walk through the infant and baby aisles at the grocery stores, at Walmart.  I wanted it all.  I wanted to have a reason to buy the sippy cups and the baby bibs and the jars of canned carrots and peas.  I wanted the tiny green and yellow onesies and the hooded bath towels and the bubble bath.  I wanted rainbow-colored stacking rings and teething toys and soft cotton blankets.

and now I look around my house and I see it all.  there are pink and yellow and green baby spoons in the utensil drawer, there is a whole shelf of bottles and sippy cups in the cabinets.  there is a basket of baby toys in every room of the house, dinosaurs and trolls and tiny plastic horses.  there is bubble bath and giraffe-hooded bath towels in the bathroom, there are tiny yellow and pink floral dresses hanging up in her closet.  there’s a shoe drawer with pink cowgirl boots and gray sparkly snow boots and black Mary-Janes.

baby debris.

it’s everywhere.

I love it so much.

I love finding tiny Minnie Mouse socks at the bottom of the dryer and My Little Ponies under my bed.  I love, love, love it.

there is so much of her around our house.  you walk in and you know in an instant that a little twenty-month-old girl lives here.

I never dreamed of nice couches or a dining room set.  I always dreamed of baby spoons and blocks and I’ve got them in spades, they’re everywhere, look under any chair.  there is baby debris all over our house and I love it.


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