I’ve been swearing up and down that the little fellow will be an April baby…but these past few days I could swear I can hear the oven timer going off.  

It hasn’t been until this past week that I’ve really started to feel pregnant.  but now – everything hurts. my feet and hands have started swelling.  I’m doing the pregnant lady duck waddle. I can’t sleep at night because I wake myself up snoring. and to go to the bathroom. and to roll over because my hips hurt so much.

I washed first load of little boy clothes.  I bought new bottles and pump parts.  and we may even get around to setting up his bassinet before we end up in the hospital.  

I don’t know why. I have no good reason to think it – I just keep waking up thinking that this day might be my last one being pregnant.   I just keep thinking I might get to see him soon.  


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