About the little fellow in his terrycloth ice cream butt onesie: “I love the thing you’ve dressed him on. It’s so soft. He looks like a little angel.”


He has woken up.

for the first two weeks, he slept. he would wake to eat and then drift back asleep again.nothing would stir him- not his sister’s crying or being picked up or being put down.

but sometime in the past few days, he woke up.  now he spends hours awake, licking his legs and waving his hands. Now he’s talking to me. He coos and chirps and snorts and says Eh, eh, eh when he’s hungry. Now he stares up at me with big blue eyes while he’s nursing.

  He’s a social little guy. He looks at whoever is talking g to him. He likes hearing sweet nothings and he’ll crack a smile when he hears he’s a sweet boy.

He is so warm and cuddly and frown and gassy and i love to feel his head nuzzling my neck when he’s on my shoulder.

We were awake together last night when he turned 2 weeks old. just like how we were awake together when he turned one day old and one week old. 

at 2 weeks old he’s losing his nose crinkle and the red circles around his eyes are starting to fade. he had his first bath.  he was so quiet as I washed him and rinsed off his tiny hands and feet and legs.  he fell asleep afterwards.

 I can see his tiny white eyelashes starting to come in.

He stares at me so hard with this loving intensity whenever I’m in his line of sight and it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever experienced. 


I fussed at at her for making a mess of a cabinet she wasn’t supposed to be getting into and made her cry.

We had cake after lunch and she dropped hers all over the floor.

She still likes getting kisses from me.

She brought me her new easter books to read.

His umbilical cord fell out.

I closed my eyes and dozed off feeding him and when I opened my eyes he was smiling at me.

When he cries, she cries.

I don’t know what we’re having for dinner tonight.

He holds my finger as he nurses. 

He looks so deep into my eyes and slowly sticks his tounge out at me when he is hungry.

I know he is too little to smile and mean it as a smile – but he smiles at me all the time.

We placed him between us on the bed and talked to him and he would turn his head to look at whoever was whispering sweet nothings.

dad put him on his belly and he lifted his head and looked his dad right in the eye.

When I put him on my shoulder he shuffles into my neck and it’s the greatest feeling ever.


Both babies woke up screaming at 5:30 when dad left for work. He wanted to nurse. She had a night terror. I ran to comfort her and i could hear him shrieking in my bedroom. Got her settled and went to nurse him. He falls asleep. She wakes up screaming again and wakes him up.  This went on at least two more times.

The boy nursed every hour from 11 pm to 9 the next morning. 

I went to a city hall meeting and felt just like Leslie knope.  When I got home the little girl had taken off all her clothes and pooped in the dining room while dad tried to feed an unhappy boy.

It’s 11 and boy is still unhappy despite swaddles and passies. Only lying on me seems to help.

I forgot to eat dinner.


He is whistling Can You Feel the Love Tonight in the kitchen while making fruit Kool aid. 

She took off her diaper and is singing to her dolly in her room.

little boy is nursing. 

We just came in from outside.  She dug in the dirt. He tilled our garden spot and walked the baby around his future backyard.

it is a beautiful night.