the little fellow. 

He has blonde hair, just like I imagined when I first tried to picture him.

He snorts with anger when he’s hungry and looking for his milk.

He stares into my eyes when he eats and fights me with his hands when he settles down to eat.

He loves being swaddled and cuddled and held.

He has dark blue eyes and little burst blood vessels in each eye.

He smells so, so good. Like heaven. I can’t get enough of that baby smell.

His little legs are so bowlegged, even his feet are curved.  His pinkie toes curl under so it looks like he only has four toes in pictures.

He moves his little mouth while he sleeps.

He is two days old.

He is such a good baby.  

I can’t believe I’ve only known him two days because it feels like he’s been my baby since forever.


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