Both babies woke up screaming at 5:30 when dad left for work. He wanted to nurse. She had a night terror. I ran to comfort her and i could hear him shrieking in my bedroom. Got her settled and went to nurse him. He falls asleep. She wakes up screaming again and wakes him up.  This went on at least two more times.

The boy nursed every hour from 11 pm to 9 the next morning. 

I went to a city hall meeting and felt just like Leslie knope.  When I got home the little girl had taken off all her clothes and pooped in the dining room while dad tried to feed an unhappy boy.

It’s 11 and boy is still unhappy despite swaddles and passies. Only lying on me seems to help.

I forgot to eat dinner.


One thought on “Today

  1. Things will settle, as everyone gets used to the new swing of things. Just like introducing a new cat, there is chaos with all the other cats before they all decide to do away with such fuss and be friends instead. There is love in your house that you are all continuously building for each other, and it will bring you through.

    Also, I can very much see you as a Leslie Knope figure. 🙂


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