He has woken up.

for the first two weeks, he slept. he would wake to eat and then drift back asleep again.nothing would stir him- not his sister’s crying or being picked up or being put down.

but sometime in the past few days, he woke up.  now he spends hours awake, licking his legs and waving his hands. Now he’s talking to me. He coos and chirps and snorts and says Eh, eh, eh when he’s hungry. Now he stares up at me with big blue eyes while he’s nursing.

  He’s a social little guy. He looks at whoever is talking g to him. He likes hearing sweet nothings and he’ll crack a smile when he hears he’s a sweet boy.

He is so warm and cuddly and frown and gassy and i love to feel his head nuzzling my neck when he’s on my shoulder.


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