The other day: 

She cried and cried when she got in her crib for naptime.  big big tears and big big feelings. I went back in and rocked her and rocked her. I heard the baby crying from the other room.

After she went back to bed I met him on the porch, holding the baby.  I took the little fellow and rocked him out there, on the porch rocking chair,  with his head on my shoulder. and for the first time really I felt like I was really getting a moment to enjoy being his mother.

it’s been such a busy three weeks. and we’ve had some hard days.

But there are moments. Like tonight, bringing him to the place he’s named after, sitting on the couch and having him give me the most loving look I’ve ever been the recipient of. big sweet slightly crossed eyes just taking me in.  

“He loves you more than anything in the world, ” his father marveled. what a special thing. to get to be that for someone. it makes me feel like the most important person in the world. 


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