him & her.

she has started saying One more time, more time? for everything that she wants more of.

he loves to sleep on my chest. tonight that’s where he’s fallen asleep.

today he looked into my eyes for such a long time and i felt like we were really getting to know each other. Look at him.  He’s in love with you, his father keeps saying.  I’ve got a mama’s boy. 

today we went to the library for storytime.  he slept and she picked out books about cats.  she got yo pick out a pencil and she asked for purple. It’s the first time she’s ever picked a color. I wonder if purple will be her favorite.

She and i played trains today. She loves Thomas and friends and her favorite train is Salty.

she sings E I E I O and knows all the animal sounds. Even camels.  She makes a trunk with her arm and trumpets like an elephant. 

She loves to play ring around the Rosie but thinks Ashes is her cousin Asher. She looks at me and says Asher bye bye? after we play.

He is about to pop out of his newborn clothes. I think he wore his homecoming outfit for the last time.

she hugged the cat and said Sugar I love you the other day .

he will be one month old tomorrow. 


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