rain day.

It rained today. 

I didnt feel like cleaning even though the house was a birthday party mess. instead  i just played with her.

i watched her play with  trolls and rediscover a lamb stuffed aninal shed never played with much before. We had a silk veil and ribbon wand dance party before naptime.

after nap we played in the rain. she took out her umbrella and jumped in puddles and picked dandelions.

then she took my hand and led me on a walk down our sidewalk. We blew bubbles on the porch and she ate chalk.

we snuggled on the couch and watched nature cat and she danced along to Debbie Door and when dad came home, I tickled her on the bed until she couldn’t stop giggling. I picked her up and flipped her and she did the wheelbarrow and we played ride the mama-pony.

it was so much fun she couldnt get enough and she cried. I asked if she wanted a hug and she ran into my arms and it was a perfect day. The kind i always dreamed about.


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