him & her.

He has the blondest eyelashes.

They stayed with my sister in law for a few hours and when he got fussy, she pointed to the door and said with urgency, He need mommy! Or so the story goes.

We read Guess How Much I Love You a lot. A few days ago, she reached up as high as she could stretch and said, I love you this high!

He has learned how to blow bubbles and is suddenly a rather drooly baby.

He went to the doctor and had three shots and he weighs 12 pounds 9 ounces.

He laughed for the first time, while sitting next to the bathtub while she was taking a bath. I bounced him on my knee and he grinned and gurgled out loud!

He has started to talk. He will stop nursing and grab my shirt and stare seeply on my eyes and make cooing noises at me. He loves to talk. He says glob and blah and goo and blah.

She took off her diaper in the second between me taking off her pants and going to get the wipes and pooped behind a chair.

In the middle of the night she called out, Making eggs!!

She does not like butterscotch pudding. 


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