her favorite show right now is “Stuffy” – Doc McStuffins.  it’s been a great thing for her to watch.  she has always been hysterical every time we visit her pediatrician, but for her two-year-old visit, we talked in the car about Doc McStuffins and her clinic.  how all her patients get a check-up.  we sang the checkup song and talked about the different tools the doc uses to check her patients, how her doctor would look at her eyes and ears and listen to her heart.  and during her checkup, she was nervous – but not hysterical and wailing in my arms.  she knows about doctors now and it has made trips to the clinic far less stressful.

last weekend at the lake house, she was playing with some old toys, a keyboard and mouse set that used to be part of a leapfrog computer, and her little brother was crying.  she said, time for checkup! and took a paper towel roll and rolled it out on the floor just like the examining tables at the doctor’s office and told me to “sit you, sit you” on it.  she took the mouse and hovered it over his chest and said, thoughtfully, Beat.  she typed out whatever she had heard on the keyboard.  then she checked his eyes and ears.  he was still crying.

I asked, “what’s the diagnosis?”

she exclaimed, “baby crying!”

“what do we do, doc?” I asked.

she pointed to me.  “fix him,” she said.

we gave him a kiss for his boo-boo.

this is a landmark even because it’s the first time she’s ever played doctor.  AND it’s the first time she’s ever played with her brother.  I about melted on the floor.  now I know why my mom used to get silly whenever my sisters and I played together.



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