she has gone from three-word-sentences to full-blown talking in the past two weeks.  her new catch phrases are “how ’bout some (tv show/book/food)” and “come on (name)!!”

yesterday I propped up the baby on the couch cushions and turned on sesame street and she grabbed his tiny hand and said, “it’s elmo time baby!!” and gave him a huge sloppy kiss on the mouth.

we give the baby baths and she knows now that there are boy parts and girl parts.  I said, “let’s give the baby a bath!” and I went to go get the tub and bath towels.  when I came back, she had taken off his diaper and was wiping him down with baby wipes.  she pointed to his boy parts and said, “baby’s peanut!”

she is getting so crazy big.

she can sing all the words to “twinkle twinkle little star” and “the itsy bitsy spider.”

last night she was playing in the yard and she saw our neighbor and desperately wanted her to come over and play.  when the girl said she couldn’t play, she collapsed on her knees on the grass, wailed once, and then fell face first on the grass and stayed like that for two minutes.


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