he is three months old. and I can’t remember life before him.

he has discovered his hands.  he twines his fingers together and chews on his fists.  he can grab things, now.  he loves to pull my hair.  I can lean over him and he will reach up and grab my face.  he wrestles with his stuffed lion and snuggles his hippo lovie.

he is a drool machine.  he snacks on his fists and drool runs down his chin and soaks his clothes and when my father carries him around draped over his arm, he keeps a drool cloth underneath to stay dry.

he is so fascinated by his sister.  he loves to watch everything she does.  he’ll start fussing at me if I don’t keep him turned so he can see her.

last night, after nursing him to sleep, he popped back awake when I laid him down in his bed.  but then his father turned on his mobile, and he cooed quietly for ten minutes and fell asleep on his own.

he is almost too big for his bassinet now.  his little feet hang off the edge when he’s all spread out.

when he is tired and fussy he kicks out his legs and arms and goes as stiff as a board.  it’s like carrying around an angry log.

he has almost stopped his purple crying at night.  it’s now just the ordinary fussy noises of a tired baby and not the inconsolable crying of the purple cries from a month ago.

he gets so excited for his bedtime ritual of lotion and massage.  he just starts cooing and smiling.

he is the smilest baby.  he gives me these open mouth grins that are so amazing.  he giggles and gurgles and gives me heart eyes when I tell him he is good and handsome.

he is in a size three diapers already and has been for three weeks.

we went to the beach and he did not like having sand in his leg rolls.

I am so glad I get to stay home with him and be the recipient of all his smiles and heart eyes and talking.  I left my daughter at seven weeks to go to work and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, leaving her all day.  I am beyond grateful that I get to be with him all day and not miss a single thing.

he smells so good. I can’t stop sniffing his tiny little head.

he is so fat and rolly-polly and squishable.  I call him my gooey boy because he’s like a 15 pound ball of play-doh.

he is interested in tv and likes to watch elmo almost as much as his sister does.

I can’t get over how cute he is in his green striped shirt.



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