She says.

Handing me a toy, a cup, anything – “Hold me!”

She calls her unicorn stick horse a “my corn.”

She calls her cousins Penelope and Scarlet Leppie and Ska-leppie.

When her father caught her climbing on the bunk beds – “Don’t climb on that!” he said, and she said, “You stopping me?”

When I held the boy and her at the same time  – “Mama has two babies!”

When she stomped and roared around the house – “Who are you imitating?” her father asked. “I.”


105 degree fever. Nausea. Chills and hot flashes and a migraine that made a whump whump noise in my head when I bent over.  red blotchy skin and lumps under my boob.

It started Wednesday night when my husband was out of town.  I though is made a bad batch of chili. then my boob started aching. my left boob. my magic boob. the boob that  the little boy loves more than anything. and I knew it must be mastitis. 

I’ve had mastitis three times with my  daughter, but then the only symptoms I had were the sore boob and fatigue. so I was convinced it was nothing. but when my husband came home Thursday night, I was sitting on the dark bedroom because my eyes hurt from the light ad buried in blankets and holding the boy.  He took my temperature and I tried to convince him it wasn’t necessary because I was freezing to death and didn’t have a fever.

He told me i had a 105 degree fever and told me I had to take off my sweater and take a cold shower.  my teeth were chattering when I stripped down. that was the most painful shower i have ever taken.

He was such a good nurse and very sympathetic to the agony of taking a cold shower while having chills. He woke me up to take tylenol and brought me cold rags for my head. and in the middle of the night I woke up drenched with sweat but feeling much better.

my sister in law and parents and in-laws sent lots of concerned-about-you text messages and that made me feel very loved. 

today was a resting day.  I got antibiotics called into the pharmacy by calling the nurse and midwives at my obgyn. and most of the symptoms are gone, but my boob feels like it’s on fire.

A few nights ago

He was nursing quietly and i was looking at the TV, not paying him much attention,  and then he stopped nursing and said, GUH.  when I looked down, he flashed me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and tucked his face against my chest and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.