they played together for the first time today.  she invited me in her pop-up castle tent and whispered “mama, there’s monsters in my room!”  and she reached through the door and hauled her little brother inside.  “save charlie!” she whisper-screamed.  and he was over the moon.  she told me that to get rid of the monsters, “we have to say boo and sneak ’em up, and tie ’em up in a bow.”  and later she piled all her stuffed animals on top of him while he laid on the floor and wiggled and screamed with delight.


He is getting and bigger and she is starting to notice him.

Tonight she asked for a cookie for herself and then asked for another, “for tarley.” and then she actually gave it to him, a tremendous feat for a two and a half year old.

9 months.

things i call him: little boy, my buttermilk biscuit, my ham and cheese sandwich, boo the boy, boo boy, charles, chuckles, buddy boy, little buddy, and most often – little c.

he is working on standing – he always wants to cling to my shirt and cruise around.  he bobs to music whenever anyone starts singing.  he smiles so much.  he has soft golden hair.  he loves to wave and he loves to say “Hi, daddy.”  he ducks his head in my neck when he’s feeling shy.  he giggles when he pulls his sister’s hair.  he is my little snugglebug.  he wants to cuddle me all night long.  he brings me so much joy.

he is almost eight months old.  he has a halo of golden blonde hair and blue eyes and the biggest smile.  he wiggles in a dance whenever he hears music.  he chewed on a piece of pineapple yesterday and loved it, this boy who has made a sour face with every new kind of food he’s tasted.  he waves hello and ducks his head in my shoulder when strangers smile at him.  he always wants to sleep cuddled in my arms or by my side at night.  he has taken an interest in baskets.  I put baskets of toys in front of him and his greatest delight is to take every toy out of them and then shake the baskets victoriously over his head.  he has two hair whorls on the back of his head.  he still holds my hand while he nurses.  he was peter pan for halloween.  he loves to grab anything out of his sister’s hand.  he understands words!! I say, You’re a nosebiter, and he leans forward and bites my nose!! he loves getting kisses and giving them.  he covers my face in his open-mouthed boy kisses and they are the most delicious thing.  he does his best.  he is a good boy.

She has fallen in love with watching her father play super mario. I put nario decals in the nursery and whwn she walked in she got so excited. Daddy’s game! She kept saying. I love him!

She is so excited about the olaf on our front yard and kepts wanting to go outside to visit him. Olaf is my best friend she says.

This morning, she woke up and said, frowning, Leppie took my unicorn!

she says.

today at the park she met a kitty who followed her everywhere and when it was time to go she shouted No! I will stay with Miss Sparkles!

we asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she thought and said, I want a candy cane!

she brought her dinosaurs to her bath.

she put all the rocks in her rock collection in her bed and fell asleep with them.

He loves to bite my nose. He thinks it is so funny, he laughs and laughs when I pretend to scream. He loves to bounce in his exersaucer. He stood up holding the rail of his crib the other day.  He says Mama, mama, mama.  He loves to play peekaboo with his sister. They have a game: Nuh Nuh Carly. I swoop him around and do the theme from jaws and drop him on her and they both laugh and laugh. He can sit up all by himself. He loves to pick up toys and he can lean forward to grab them and slide into a sort of wiggly crawl. He is the snuggliest boy. He ducks his face in my neck and rubs his forehead on mine wanting kisses. He hugs me tight around my neck.

she points to my wedding ring. “you ring!” she says. “because daddy loves you!” she remembers. I told her about my wedding ring weeks ago.  we got married because we loved each other, and daddy gave me this ring.

My granny made these dolls for my cousins when we were children. now my daughter loves them.  they are just her size and she dresses them up in her dresses and clothes.