her brother was crying and she ran over to him to give him a hug.

we read a ballet book and her father said Show me your dance moves! so she tried to stick out her leg like the ballerina and shouted Leg’s not working!!

she gave me eskimo kisses.

she fixed a dead battery in a train with her father. she held the screwdriver and was so interested and happy.

the boy.

he is almost five months old now.   he can sit up by himself for a few minutes at a time.  he is so close to rolling over, every day I think that today will be the day.

he likes to grab his toes and stroke his legs with his fingers.

he sucks on his hands and has to wear a bib because of all the drool.

he can grab my face when I lean over him.

he likes to grab his sister’s hair.

he loves it when his dad wrestles with him.


she loves.

doc mcstuffins.  wild kratts.  my 10-foot-long caterpillar.  mandarin oranges.  her christmas tree blanket.  princess moana.  sesame street.  her abby, elmo, and grover figures.  her bathtime squirties.  going to the park.  her rainbow glitter shoes.  her troll “buddies.”  vienna sausages.  painting.  bathtime.  her cousins.  going to nana’s house.  reading books.  “olivia and the missing toy.”  going on bear hunts.  fox girl.  peter pan.  being naked.  playing in the backyard.  jumping on the trampoline.  the sugar-cat.

She says…

“I can’t like it, mama,” instead of “I don’t like it.”

When she wakes up in the morning and I walk into her room she shows me her biceps: “I strong!!”

When daddy tries to take a photo: “No cheezing!!”