her new favorite word is “gorgeous,” she calls everything she loves gorgeous.  “mama, I love your gorgeous elephant!”  “mama, look at this gorgeous flower!”

he is obsessed with brooms.  he says, “bruh, bruh,” and runs back to the laundry room where he knows the broom and dustpan live.  he spends all day pushing them around the kitchen floor under my feet.  on mother’s day, when he kept throwing up, he woke up at three a.m. puking all over me on the couch where we were sleeping, and when i put him down to strip the blankets off the couch, he ran to the laundry room and i found him, covered in vomit, trying to sweep the floor.

she loves to build nests.  she gathers her stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and every toy in the house and piles them together in a pile.  she calls me “mama bird” and demands worms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

she is obsessed with rolly pollies and calls them “rolly rollies.”

he ca say, “up,” “broom,” “water,” and “dog.”

when i tell her i’m taking something hot out of the oven, she grabs her brother’s hand and holds it so he won’t run over and try to stick his fingers inside, and says, “no, charlie, too hot.”


last night my one year old, fresh from the bath and wearing his birthday suit, walked out to the living room, stuck his finger in his buttcrack, licked it, and looked at my husband and said, “Snack.”

we painted nails round here today and the little boy couldn’t wait for his turn. he brought me bottle after bottle and sat down in my lap and grinned his little slow smile every time i added another layer of glitter nailpolish on his fingers and toes.

he started walking and stopped, distacted by his glittery toes, and put his hands on his knees and leaned over to gaze at them.

all day long he keeps coming up to me and saying “nahs, nahs,” wanting me to admire his nails.

charlie has been sleeping with me at night since he was about six months. a few months ago, i started being able to get him to sleep and then lay him down in his crib, where he would stay until exactly 11:39. then he would wake up and cry and i would go pick him up and bring him to bed.

last night he slept in his bed until almost 4a.m., and i figured it was time to try to get him falling asleep in his own bed. It has been getting harder and harder to put him to sleep with nursing or rocking or walking.

today we did a trial run for naptime. I told him what we would do before we went into his room. Nap, i said. Nap? he asked. I laid him down, gave him a hug and kiss and rubbed his tummy, then said naptime! I will be back soon. And i left. He cried hard and i went in and repeated the cycle until he finally dozed off.

And tonight i told him he would go to sleep in his crib. He said, Nap? And i said, Nap. And we hugged and kissed and rubbed tummies on repeat. He fell asleep as i stroked his cheeks. Yay charlie!

the boy went from crusing to walking overnight. he followed me around the house tonight. he is a tube of butter on two legs.

he has a new word – dog. he pets his birthday dog ralph jr. and says Dog, dog.

one year old understand so much. he listens to me and knows exactly wgat i am saying. he can follow my directions. he can go put something in the trash, or move away from the toy rollercoaster just by listening to me.

his words: dad, hey, mama, nana, snack (another new one!), drop, dog, didit, get

he listens to everything and will talk to himself and say things he hears, practicing.

one year olds are so cool.

his sister has started feeding him. bits of her snacks and handing him chips.

today they played a game of throwing a stuffed animal back and forth, and she washed his hair in the bath.

he makes a noise that sounds like Ooowooowoo that he says when you say I love you, and it sounds just like he is saying it in return. he always accompanies the lovey noise with a smooch or headbutt.

He loves to kiss his baby cousin.

He is obsessed with trash and cleaning spills. I call him my garbage man.